e-Health Center. A new care model.

The e-Health Center is a totally innovative telematic network model designed and built by TeSAN to achieve an important objective: to make available a single reference point to citizens across the country able to meet all their care needs as well as the contacts with the health and social care institutions.
An Integrated Multi-Channel Access System, based on the synergies between the Telecare and the Telehealth services and on the use of the most advanced telematic technologies, to manage in a comprehensive way the demand (person) and the offer (public and private entities) of public health and social care services.
The e-Health Center changes the concept of care by offering a global model of social and medical comfort and responding to the broadest range of needs, from a simple booking of an appointment with a General Practitioner to life-threatening emergencies.
A highly efficient system that enables:

  • an improvement in performance and reduction in waiting times;
  • ease of use by the person;
  • the ability to carry out constant remote monitoring of clinical parameters;
  • the management of information flow, training and knowledge;
  • the management of assistance services (booking, consultation, etc.);
  • the possibility to avoid hospitalisation, maintaining the highest levels of safety and effectiveness;
  • immediate management of emergencies;
  • an improvement in people’s quality of life.